Open enrollment for county benefits is annually during November with coverage beginning January of the following year. View a list of premiums for medical, dental and vision.  Premiums are on the last page of the Benefit Guide.


Health coverage is currently through Blue Cross Blue Shield. Employees can choose from either Plan A or Plan B. To submit a medical claim on your own, please use the claim form (PDF). You can fax the completed form to 307-778-8582 or mail it to the address on the form. Find the prescription claim forms (PDF).

More Information

For more information please visit Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) website or contact Human Resources.

Wellness Program

Employees can also earn up to $450 per year and an additional $450 per year for spouses that participate in the county’s wellness program. All funds are deposited into a health reimbursement arrangement and only $150 per person is eligible to carryover to the subsequent year. Please contact Human Resources for more information on details of participation.

Part of participation is obtaining certain healthcare services. Your provider must submit a proof of service form (PDF) to SimplyWell in order for you to receive the incentive.

Travel Medical Benefit

The county offers a travel medical benefit for specialty services such as cardiac care, cancer treatment, knee and hip replacement, spine surgery and transplants. Treatment must be received at a Blue Distinction Center as designated by Blue Cross. The benefit entitles the employee to the full deductible being waived in addition to travel reimbursement. Employees must contact BCBS prior to have a service under this benefit. Detailed instructions about this benefit and its use will be available on this site soon or you can contact Human Resources.


Dental coverage is currently through Guardian. See the link above to the Benefit Guide for premiums. To submit a claim the provider has not billed for you, please use this claim form (PDF).

Visit the Guardian website for more information, to print an ID card and view your claims. Employees can also call Guardian directly at 800-541-7846 or contact Human Resources with questions. Employees can choose any dentist and do not have to see a Guardian in-network provider.


Vision coverage is currently through VSP. View the link above for the Benefit Guide for premiums eligibility and coverage.

For more nformation including to find a network provider please visit the VSP website, call 800-877-7195 or contact Human Resources.


The county pays 100% for a life insurance policy for the employee for $20,000 coverage through Standard Life Insurance.