Maternal High Risk Program

Maternal High Risk ProgramPregnant Woman with Pink Bow Around her Stomach

The High Risk Maternal Program provides payment for care of high-risk mothers at Level 111 centers. Examples of such centers are: Presbyterian/ St. Luke's Medical Center in Denver and University of Utah in Salt Lake City. Standards require the services to be under the direction of a Perinatologist.

Payment Caps

  • The program payment cap for care is $5,000 per case.
  • Transportation can help be covered with a payment cap of $2,000.

Covered Services

The covered services for the High- Risk Maternal Program include:

  • Air ambulance transport to a Level 111 center
  • Care Coordination services by the Public Health Nurse based on the needs of the family
  • Pre- or post-conceptual counseling by a geneticist

Children's Special Health Program

The Children's Special Health program must be notified within five working days from the onset of the problem.